RIPPA R360 Excavator

Additional information

Output Power


Engine Brand

Yanmar 4TNV94L

Digging Depth


Applicable Scene

Roadworks、Earthworks 、Municipal Engineering、Farmland Improvement

Product selling point


⒈Yangma engine

Widely used, with the highest customer recognition;Durable, fuel saving, cheap accessories, convenientmaintenance. the       first choice for   excavators!

⒉Doosan Control valve

Customized, with “high reliability, low pressure loss.high flow distribution efficiency,The compound actionis smooth “and      other   outstanding advantages to meetthe professional   needs of customers.

⒊Doosan Main pump

Multiple oil filtering systems such as hydraulic oil pump enhance the fuelfiltering performance and greatly improve the         fuel utilization   rate. Theayout structure is more compact   and the maintenance is more convenient


⒋Super large digging force

Optimize the movement track and shape of the bucket bottom,reduce the impact and resistance during excavation, and       improvethe efficiency.High strength wear-resistant steel plate is used, with strong wearresistance and long service life.

Applicable scene

R360 6Ton mini excavator, powered by Yangma engine, can meet the needs of different countries at home and abroad; The die is formed by integrated stamping, beautiful and atmospheric, and has high strength and durability.

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