RIPPA R340 (Mini Excavator)

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The Rippa R340 crawler hydraulic mini excavator can be very curved and is easy to operate in small terrains and narrow areas. The structural components of the excavator are made of stainless steel or plastic material, which can prolong the life of the carrier. R340 excavator adopts advanced boom, bucket rod and bucket, which can extend the service life of the equipment. The excavator has strong performance and is suitable for a variety of workplaces.

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Model R340 mini excavator
Total weight 3000kg
Total length 4050mm
Total width 1300mm
Total height 2450mm
Max.digging radius 3500mm
Max.Digging depth 2500mm
Max.digging height 3500mm
Max.dumping height 2500mm
Min.ground clearance 560mm
Engine brand Changchai/Yanmar/Kubota
Walking speed 0-2.0km/h
Climbing angle 30°

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The picture above is the application scene of the excavator with auxiliary equipment. One excavator is equipped with various auxiliary equipment, which can realize the multi-purpose effect of one machine and save operating costs. In addition, the replacement of auxiliary equipment is simple and easy to operate, which greatly saves time and improves work efficiency.

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