RIPPA NDI 355 (Mini Excavator)

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Earthworks、Quarrying、Construction Work、Road Work

RIPPA NDI 355 mini excavator is the star product of our company. This product has multiple advantages such as pilot, deflection, and tailless, which can help you operate stably in various environments. RIPPA compact excavators are the smart choice for routine excavation and site preparation projects. RIPPA excavators have more exclusive features to help you increase productivity and maximize uptime.Most importantly, this model uses a Kubota engine.


Vehicle weight 4000
Maximum power 18.2
Maximum digging force bucket/stikk 2754/1833
Walking speed 0-3.3
Radius of rotation 1776
Boom length 2220
Specific pressure to ground 32
Maxmum fow rate OF the main pump 99
Rated set pressure 28
Dozer plate width 1550
Bandwidth pitchnumber of sections Theoreticalfuel consumption 300*52.5*84
Theoretical fuel consumption 1.5-1.8
Width 400
Capacity 0.11
len transportingLength ” width height 4522*1550*2485


This star product has the above notable details, which can help you save time and effort in operation.Big Arm/Comfortable Seat/Streamlined Rear/Boom Deflection

RIPPA NDI 355 is equipped with a variety of auxiliary equipment, which can achieve the effect of one machine with multiple functions, and can satisfy consumers to work in different scenarios.Moreover, this model is also equipped with a cab, which allows you to work comfortably and safely in cold, hot or dusty environments.


In 2017, it has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, national 3C certification, CE European quality certification, Euro 5 emission certification,Products are exported to all over the world.

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