RIPPA NDI 322 (Mini Excavator)

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Earthworks、Quarrying、Construction Work、Road Work

The NDI322 excavator is the highest configured mini excavator in the RIPPA NDI series, with pilot operation and telescopic deflection. Rippa NDI322 (1Ton) mini excavator. The machine is enhanced and widely used in greenhouses, indoors and landscaping, for example, it can be used for fertilizing, orchard deep digging, channel digging, tree planting, digging cable trenches, opening water pipes, breaking indoors. The operation is simple and flexible, and it only takes a few minutes to be familiar with its operation.



Total weight 1400KG
Total length 2170MM
Total width 993MM
Total height 2314MM
Max. digging radius 2988MM
Max.digging depth 1461MM
Max. digging height 2604MM
Max.unloading clearance 2029MM
Counterweight ground clearance 418MM
Engine brand kubota/kubota/Xinchai
Engine model D722/D902/3B11
Output power2 10.2kw/11.8Kw/17.9Kw
Walking speed 0-1.8km/h
Climbing angle 30°

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We use the Kubota engine, which is powerful, fuel-saving and labor-saving, with exquisite manufacturing technology, and the seat is more in line with the posture of the human body, allowing you to work easily and enjoy a better life



Our excavators have ultra-high working toughness and compatibility with different manufacturers, and are equipped with a variety of accessories to help you adapt to various scenarios. Not only help you save time and money, but also help you bring greater economic effects. Really achieve one machine with multiple functions, more efficient, more economical

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