Chinese excavators sell well overseas

Chinese excavators sell well overseas In the field of foreign trade, the export of excavators is a weather vane for observing the performance of the construction machinery industry and even the manufacturing industry. Since the beginning of this year, China’s excavator exports have continued to heat up, becoming a bright spot in the difficult recovery […]

How to operate a mini excavator?

Operation method of mini excavator It is by no means a simple matter to run an excavator well. There are many points that must be paid attention to during the operation process. From the purchase and transportation of the excavator, to the selection of the project, the selection of the operator and the maintenance, it […]

Excavator maintenance tips

Excavator maintenance tips Excavator, also known as excavating machinery (excavating machinery), is an earthmoving machine that uses buckets to dig materials higher or lower than the bearing surface, and loads them into transport vehicles or unloads them to stockyards. It has become the most important in engineering construction. One of the engineering machinery. In use, […]

The Most Popular Mini Excavator Brands on the Market

Now that we know what factors determine the price and performance of a mini excavator, let’s talk about the most popular brands on the market. Caterpillar Caterpillar is one of the leading brands of mini excavators. It was established in 1925 and since then has produced many models of reliable heavy equipment and machinery. lynx […]