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Distributors are welcome to cooperate with Rippa Group, our factory produces all models of excavators, loaders, dump trucks, skid steers. At present, there are 40 dealers in the world, with a complete dealer service system and a strong production scale. Welcome to cooperate and consult.


1. It has excellent work efficiency and excellent cost performance; high reliability, environmental protection and low fuel consumption.

2. The compact tailless design and the boom swing function can flexibly adapt to narrow space operations.



3. Yanmar Kubota or Changchai diesel engine for your choice


4. German Continental oil pipe + American EATON travel motor and rotary motor, the operation control is more sensitive, the system performance is more stable, and the reliability is higher.


5. The operation is simple, small and flexible, easy to transport, and can be operated in narrow sites, especially suitable for orchards such as kiwifruit, vineyards, citrus, navel oranges, etc., digging trenches, fertilizing, weeding;


6. It has the functions of mining, breaking, hook cleaning, drilling and earthwork, and can quickly replace parts, and the utilization rate of the machine is greatly improved.



Mini excavators are popular all over the world, and there are agents or wholesalers in Germany, the United States, Australia, Poland and many other countries.

Rippa machine makes the job easier, any questions about excavators can tell us.

Rippa Machinery hopes to have good cooperation with you.



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