Teach you how to distinguish the excavator?

With the continuous increase of people’s demand for construction machinery and equipment, there are more and more types of excavators, and the market holdings are also increasing year by year. According to the operating characteristics of the excavators, the excavators are classified, and their respective characteristics are briefly introduced.

Excavator classification one

According to different sizes, excavators can be divided into large excavators, medium excavators and small excavators. The classification of large, medium and small excavators is divided by tonnage. Generally, those below 6 tons belong to small excavators, those between 3 tons and 8 tons belong to medium excavators, and those above 8 tons belong to large excavators. category. The difference in the size of the excavator is equivalent to the difference in fuel consumption.

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Excavator classification two

According to the driving mode, there are two types of excavators driven by internal combustion engines and excavators driven by electric power. Electric-driven excavators are mainly used in plateau anoxic and underground mines and other flammable and explosive places, compared with internal combustion engine-driven excavators, the mobility is poor.

Excavator classification three

According to different walking methods, excavators can be divided into crawler excavators and wheeled excavators. Crawler excavators are widely used and can work in mines or places with harsh working conditions. They have strong cross-country capabilities, but their mobility is biased, and the price is higher than that of wheeled excavators. Wheeled excavators have small investment and fast action. However, the scope of use is narrow, mostly for road administration or urban projects, and the climbing ability is poor.

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Excavator classification four

According to different transmission modes, excavators can be divided into hydraulic excavators and mechanical excavators. The hydraulic excavator operates on hydraulic cylinders, and is a multifunctional machine that is widely used in transportation, mining and other mechanical constructions. It guarantees quality and quantity, and plays a significant role in improving labor productivity; The wheel operation is to use a bucket to excavate materials higher or lower than the bearing surface, and load them into transport vehicles or unload them to the stockyard. The excavated materials are mainly soil, coal, silt and pre-loosened soil and rocks.

Excavator classification five

According to the bucket, excavators can be divided into front shovel excavators and backhoe excavators. Front shovel excavators are mostly used to excavate materials above the surface, and backhoe excavators are mostly used to excavate materials below the surface, and the bucket of the front shovel excavator is larger than the bucket of the same equivalent backhoe excavator.

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