small excavator – LP60-9L





weight(kg) 5700
bucket (m³) 0.09-0.175
boom length(mm) 3000
stick lenght(mm) 1600
swing speed(rpm) 9
walking speed(Km/h) 4.16/2.3
bucket digging force(KN) 44
stick digging force(KN) 29
engine model Yanmar 4TNV94L
rated power(Kw/rpm) 38.1/2200
cooling method water cooling
Mainbody size
Upper width(mm) 2000
cabin height(mm) 2580
tail radius of gyration(mm) 1650
counterweight level height(mm) 700
crawler length(mm) 2540
crawler width(mm) 1880
crawler palte width(mm) 400
whole length(mm) 5850
minimum ground distance(mm) 400
Work range
maximum diggign range(mm) 6150
ground maximum digging range(mm) 6150
L maximum digging depth(mm) 3890
maximum digging height(mm) 5780
maximum unloading height(mm) 4060
maximum digging vertical depth(mm) 3025

LP60-9L small excavator has stable performance and convenient operation. It adopts imported Japanese Yanmar engine to meet domestic exhaust emission standards. It is equipped with a new cooling fan and large silencer. It is an environmentally friendly engine that fully meets European noise standards. At the same time, we also take into account the development of urban environmental protection.

Flexible operability is at the heart of the job. The LP60-9L system. The driver can excavator utilizes the best Korean hydraulic distribute the oil evenly according to the operation requirements, so that the power arm, the stick and the bucket can be operated flexibly, quickly and efficiently. Realize what you really want.

The LP60-9L mini excavator is suitable for excavation of pipelines, trimming of slopes, and small construction in industries such as agriculture and forestry. It also exhibits flexible working
performance in tight working spaces or difficult working environments.



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